Luxembourg Gardens

I didn’t have a plan for my days in Paris. I was still tired from the course! So, I just set out in the morning with a few ideas in mind, but no real agenda. On this particular day, I had a very late breakfast at a creperie on the Rue St-Jacques in the 5th and then walked north. The streets led me to the Luxembourg Gardens where – despite the on and off rain – lots of people were enjoying an afternoon break.


Rodin Museum

I’m back in the U.S., but here are a few pics from my few days in Paris. I was staying in the 7th, so a visit to the nearby Rodin Museum was a must. I wrote a short poem a few years ago about a Rodin statue of Adam that I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago (in marble, interestingly), so I was captivated by the bronze statues of Eve at the museum in Paris. And by the Gates of Hell where both figures would have been placed.

Having said all that, even The Thinker pales in comparison to the simple roses in the garden (IMHO). The works of man are great, but Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all.


TP (Teaching Practice)

Just in case you’re wondering where in the world all the teaching (and input sessions and observations and feedback sessions) took place over the past month… here are a few photos of the Pole Information – Chambre de Commerce de l’Industrie. On our last evening of teaching, the students gave us each a bottle of Alsace wine and served us snacks and cider.


A quiet cafe

During my time in Strasbourg, I managed to find a couple of quiet corners to sip tea and read a book. It was such a busy month that those moments were few, but special. This cafe was in Petite France overlooking the River Ille. While I watched the world go by, a man began flycasting just across the river…


Creperie de Bretagne

This one’s for Lolo… Aside from Paul’s home-cooked meal, this has to be the best food I’ve eaten in Strasbourg thus far. I spotted this cozy little restaurant on Place St-Etienne as I was looking for a different restaurant. But the thought of a good French crepe propelled me across the plaza and though the doors. I was immediately charmed by the menu, each copy of which was printed inside the front cover of a children’s book. I ordered the Printaniere: salad, egg, tomato, anchovy, olives. And then of course how could I not order a chocolat citron crepe for dessert? Heavenly!


Halfway done!

One of my classmates, Paul, hosted a barbecue for the class at his home in Colmar. A 30-minute train ride south of Strasbourg, Colmar is a pretty town with tiny canals. Unfortunately, it was raining, so no wandering about for us. Barbecue was moved inside and we had a lovely time.


L to R around the table: Me, Nicholas, Xuan, Hal, Sian, Cathy, Stacie and Paul. We were missing 4 people, but otherwise it’s a good snapshot of the class.


Did I mention that Paul’s been to cooking school? 🙂