City wisdom

I walked across Michigan Ave bridge
  chatting with my music professor
  dropping him at the Lake Street el

I walked alone down Dearborn Street
  passing darkened sandwich shops
  watching nicer restaurants empty

I walked fast to avoid collision
  dancing away from drunken diners
  nodding at stray busboys, waiters

I walked past a bright Goodman lobby
  mingling patrons at intermission
  spilling into my path to smoke

I walked perpendicular to a stream
  trickling current of late commuters
  bubbling students from Loop campuses

I walked with particular pleasure
  skimming Picasso in Daley Plaza
  skirting Calder at the post office

I walked with little care for my steps
  craning up to glimpse goddess Ceres
  shining bright on CBOT peak

I walked on mostly air and tiptoe
  avoiding muddy, melting snow pools
  reflecting headlights off of Congress

I walked lightly down the final block
  humming off-key Mozart memories
  feeling warmed by fleeting genius

I walked proudly as home grew near
  watching a young man cross the street
  wondering as he reached into a puddle

  then he turned and spit on me

I walked humbly to my door
  pondering the wisdom of the city
  reminding us when we put on airs
  that we are all just human

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