Am I obligated to say yes
when a strange man asks to
use my cell phone in the tea

He is homeless or just a bit
odd with stuffed shopping
bags and unkempt gray hair
hand randomly slapping the
second floor railing in time
to music – I assume – on his

And suddenly he turns to me
offers me 50 cents to let him
make a call to his friend just
down the street at Clark and…
he trails off snaps his fingers
innocent look but I am still

It is an expensive cell phone
and he is a large man so I
could not fight him if he kept
my phone ran down the stairs
out into traffic on Washington
or melted into the crowds in
front of the tea shop smoking
during the intermission of

Am I too distrustful, cynical?
It is just me in the big bad
world – okay me and the cat
but she’s not much good in a
fight – so a girl has to be

Of course now I cannot leave
my seat to buy a cookie or he
might get even by stealing my
book or journal and I cannot
carry everything down and up
stairs or he will know I am
thinking such awful suspicious

I am obviously a horrible
shallow person no faith in
my fellow man – soon I’ll be
investing in pharmaceuticals
driving a sport utility vehicle
killing baby seals and voting

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