all wine tastings should be poetry readings

too much wine
and suddenly you find yourself
reading your poetry
to a small group of friends
in your dining room on a Saturday night

half-empty bottles sparkle on the table
next to disappearing plates of cheese
fancy little crackers
chocolate truffles under glass
and you’re reading too fast
hoping not to disappoint them

after you’ve had even more wine
you read it again
slower this time
buoyed with the confidence of sampling
five bottles of pinot noir
and two bottles of cabernet – just because

and everyone smiles
says yes – much better
here let me read one
and your friend reads your poem
her voice slowed and slurred with alcohol

and then another woman has found
the book of Bukowski
and proudly reads his profanity-laden verse
from the pulpit of your braided rug
where she sways in time to a beat
only she can hear
soon you think you can hear it too

and it is beautiful
and you haven’t had this much fun in ages
from now on all wine tastings
will be poetry readings

bring a bottle and a verse