It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Emily Dickinson

Funny how the poetry
is shelved across from
the graphic novels in
the bookstore. Makes
for an interesting mix
of people bumping
shoulders. Young men
flipping through X-men
Inuyasha or Spiderman
collide with waif-like
young women searching
for Emily Dickinson
and secreting journals
in their purses. But all
are deadly serious.
Poetry and anime are no
laughing matter. We are
saving the world or at
least our own souls. We
have an addiction and
it must be fed no matter
that the checking account
is overdrawn and the
bookshelf at home is full.
We must have more. It
will never be enough
we will never tire of the
search for the words that
unlock a door or just
describe perfectly how
decrepit and moldering
the door looks. Those
on the other side of the
aisle may be seeking a
different sort of thrill
but the need is the same.
And we are both in the
way when the store clerks
want to push a cart to the
elevator… sigh….