Writing is an orgasm

I am never as happy as when I am writing
Joyous moments with loved ones are as nothing
To finishing a piece and knowing it is good
Or pausing in the midst of the flow of words
To savor the feeling deep in one’s gut
Of satisfaction, of rightness, of wordless thankfulness
Not because I believe my verse is artful or great
But because it exists for me to express at all
Because the very process is an act of orgasm
Quiet or powerful – soft or hard – slow or sharp
There’s no such thing as a bad orgasm
Thus with writing – even the least is better than none
And the best is transcendent, transporting, ecstatic
Hey, it just feels fucking great
I’ve never snorted cocaine or even smoked a joint
So you may well think: she’s not lived enough
To claim such a feeling, but I have felt
If only for an instant, my reason for being
And whether or not it brings me profit
Or whether it brings me despair, it matters not
Would you give up all your future orgasms
To avoid the pain – no, it is worth anything
To have another such moment of happiness
And another – again and again and again
With the pen and the words and the page