it could stand for
“guilt addled driver”
more dangerous than
a teenager on a cell phone
or it could mean
“gifted alcoholic dressmaker”
can sew straight
even while intoxicated
or perhaps
“gulf alimentary disease”
a soon-to-be-discovered illness
contracted by soldiers
in the Middle East
or how about
“Gene Autry dachshund”
a new breed of warbling dog
I mull the possibilities
while in the back of my mind
the words
“generalized anxiety disorder”
echo around
like a nagging roommate
who wants to talk
while you’re trying to watch TV
once upon a time
I was given pills
for the panic attacks
brought on by
my aborted grad school sojourn
I never took them
what would they do to me
how would they change me
I know nothing about drugs
outside of Advil and Aviane
but I have a nagging fear…
what if those three little letters
make me a better writer
and without them
I will lose whatever muse
has graced me with her presence
and then G.A.D.
will stand for
“God awful drivel”