Django at the coffee shop

They’re playing Django at the coffee shop
   this morning
So I smile to no one in particular as I pour
   syrup on my French toast    
Two years ago I had never heard his
   gypsy guitar
Two years ago I was sleeping away
   my Saturdays
Wasting away on our discontinued
   blue and pink sofa
Wondering why life was imitating retail,
   discontinuing my marriage
Two years ago we had just celebrated
   our ninth anniversary
An elaborate dinner, an expensive present,
   an uncomfortable bedroom tangle
Ending in his bitter laugh, my bitter tears,
   our bitter knowledge

Two years
   and I have bought new furniture

And as Django’s minor swing floats
   over my breakfast
Out the door onto my new street,
   new neighborhood, new life
Two years stretch behind me as an
   eternity and an instant
And I never want to waste
   another Saturday