Back-to-school time

Students appear as if from nowhere
   in the fall
Wearing that eager, but scared look,
And a different energy soon permeates
   my neighborhood
Reminding me that another season has
And asking, why am I not in school?

Some people mark the passing of time
   on January 1,
But for me it is the first crisp day
   of autumn:
Fresh notebooks and new shoes,
Class schedules and syllabi,
And the promise of something learned
From the pages of hitherto unknown
Or the mouths of eccentric professors
Who have dedicated their lives to the
   sonnets of Shakespeare,
Or the history of Spanish colonial
Or a new English translation of Journey
   to the West

And as the days shorten and the wind
I vow that someday I will live my life
In obscure books of literary criticism,
In the yellowing letters between poet
   A and author B,
And measure my time by semesters
   and sabbaticals
And the stacks of papers to grade.

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>> Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies