Lady Chatterly at the Siskel

The first movie I saw
   after having sex with him
Was Lady Chatterly
   in French.
I surprised myself
   by crying
When Constance holds
   a baby chick
And realizes she may
   never have a baby.
I also wept suddenly
   when her lover
Confesses that he is
   in love with her.
The tears did not stop
   until the film ended,
Abruptly, like most
   foreign films.
Afterward, I realized
   I had not watched
All the sex scenes
   with my usual bitterness
But instead had
   held my breath
Waiting for the lovers
   to climax.
Funny, how the world
   does not change.
Go to Canada with him,
   I wanted to shout.
Take your chance for
   happiness, but women
Did not just leave their
   husbands then,
And despite what the numbers
    say, women do not
Always leave them now.