10th Arrondissement

So…. arrived in Paris on Saturday morning and successfully navigated the metro from airport to Gare du Nord thanks to the wonderful gift from my coworkers: a chip and pin credit card! I was able to skip the long line of Americans queueing for the live ticket seller and use the automated ticket machine. Zipped into Paris and left bags at my hotel and wandered about in the 10 Arrondissment until 3pm (check in time). Had tea in a cafe… walked along Saint-Martin Canal… watched all the fathers and mothers bringing their children to the park… Lovely, but by 3pm I was so tired I could hardly stand. Took a 2-hour nap at the hotel and woke up to my rookie mistake: a sunburn. Forgot to reapply lotion on the plane. Ah well. Out again for dinner at La Marine and back for 5.5 hours of sleep. Not too bad for Day One.


One thought on “10th Arrondissement

  1. Yeah! It worked like it was supposed to. Love the canal shots. Did you get to see any of the houseboats along there?

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