Arrival in Strasbourg

The ESOL Strasbourg director picked up four of us CELTA students from the train station and drove us to a hotel for the night – getting lost just once. Granted, we stayed at a Formule 1 hotel in the suburbs. Very cheap. Shared water closets and showers that can be hosed down each day.

But, I did go back into town with a classmate to see some of the sights before classes start and we were joined by the other CELTA students for dinner. We made it back to the ‘burbs on the very last bus of the evening.

The four of us are staying at the Saint-Thomas residence, while most of the rest of the students are local to Strasbourg or live close enough to commute each day. Interestingly, there are several other Americans, but the gentlemen married French women and live in the area, and the woman from Chicago (by way of New York) just married a Frenchman, so they have bought a house here. It’s quite an interesting group.


Cathedral is amazing. It’s the second tallest in France; the tallest is in Rouen.

10th Arrondissement

So…. arrived in Paris on Saturday morning and successfully navigated the metro from airport to Gare du Nord thanks to the wonderful gift from my coworkers: a chip and pin credit card! I was able to skip the long line of Americans queueing for the live ticket seller and use the automated ticket machine. Zipped into Paris and left bags at my hotel and wandered about in the 10 Arrondissment until 3pm (check in time). Had tea in a cafe… walked along Saint-Martin Canal… watched all the fathers and mothers bringing their children to the park… Lovely, but by 3pm I was so tired I could hardly stand. Took a 2-hour nap at the hotel and woke up to my rookie mistake: a sunburn. Forgot to reapply lotion on the plane. Ah well. Out again for dinner at La Marine and back for 5.5 hours of sleep. Not too bad for Day One.


It’s just stuff

Will a small one-bedroom apartment fit into a 5×10 storage unit? Sure, said the man on the phone. Well, it was a tight fit! The movers were wonderful; they slotted almost every box and every piece of furniture into that space like it was a puzzle. Had to ditch 3 old bookcases, but c’est la vie. Perhaps if I didn’t own 11 boxes of books…. 🙂